RF Consultancy

Want to develop your own RF, Bluetooth or WiFi Solution? We have very capable experts that can lead you to the correct solution for your application, and help you with all aspects of design, integration, testing for compliance, and manufacture. We can support customisation of the RF stack or complete stack development where required.

Contact us to arrange a discussion with one of our consultants and learn what we can do for your project.

Network Simulation Systems

When creating mesh networking solutions it's not always feasible to test them in the field. Using a simulated system can allow you to run through many more scenarios and ensure the code you are writing for the devices does what it is supposed to do.

The CeeNet mesh networking solution has been designed and tested in a simulation environment in parallel with field testing. This simulation environment runs the complete RF stack, and is capable of simulating a great many RF test cases, so you don't have to spend the time in the field.

As part of our consultancy R&D services we can create a simulation for your product based on your firmware

General Consultancy

As well as networking and software development, Ce2S can also provide support for electronic design, mechanical design, manufacture and test. We can support complete product development, either from firm specification documentation or working as a design partner in making your ideas a reality.

If all you require is a consultant to develop and code your product for you, we have specialists in hardware design, firmware design, client server applications, TCP/IP, SSL/TLS, HTTPS to name a few.

If you have a product idea, then contact us today to discuss how we can help you, and to arrange a quote


Bluetooth, long the prefered technology for point to point cell phone connections, has recently evolved with the release of the low energy 4.0 release. This evolution has positioned Bluetooth as the forerunner in the race for ultra low power Internet of Things connectivity.

The change is already upon us, with BLE stacks enabling many new products to add ultra-low power RF communications with very little effort.

At Ce2S, we are on top of this revolution. We are integrating BL and BLE every day in new products. We are working on a number of new BLE and combination BT and BLE RF modules to complement our range of BT2,3 and 4 modules.

Contact us today to see what we have in pipeline.

Wide Area Network Expertise

TCP/HTTP/TLS/HTTPS and Web Services: To complete the end to end solution we provide TCP and internet solutions and security expertise. We can provide a specialised solution to meet your needs joining RF networks through wi-fi and cellular telephone network and out onto the internet. We can even develop the web services and host the web server(s) for you that will allow your clients to access their RF netwrok in a secure manner from anywhere in the world.